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Colli Cerentino

In the summer of 2002 some friends, driven by passion and love towards the products of the earth, decided to dedicate themselves to the realization of an ambitious and fascinating project: the production of quality wines.

Since its inception the company can count on the ownership of seven hectares of prestigious vineyards located in the countryside of Maschito (aka Cerentino) and one hectare in the countryside of Barile (aka Catavatte), a town on the slopes of Monte Vulture in Basilicata, particularly suited to the production of quality grapes given the volcanic origin of the soil. Aware that quality comes first from a correct management of the vineyards, with the help of the agronomist and precise analyzes of the climatic conditions of the soil, insolation and altitude, the most suitable production techniques for the production of limited quantities of superior quality grapes are adopted. The vinification techniques, managed by the oenologist Maurizio Caffarelli, are performed with appropriate care and with research activities aimed at improving the organoleptic qualities of the Aglianico del Vulture, a wine that, without fear of contradiction, ranks among the best in the world.

The results of this frenetic and fascinating activity have led to the production of great wines: the MASQITO GOLD (only in some prestigious vintages), the MASQITO and the CERENTINO, full-bodied and fragrant with those aromas of the Lucan lands that aromatize and give a vigorous and harmonious tannic taste.

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