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Casa Vinicola Aldo Rainoldi - Sforzato Lovers

for Sforzato lovers

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This pack contains

Sfursat di Valtellina - Casa Vinicola Aldo Rainoldi
x 2
Fruttaio Ca' Rizzieri - Casa Vinicola Aldo Rainoldi
x 2

100% nebbiolo, Sforzato di Valtellina is obtained from grapes dried for some months in dry and ventilated places called fruttai (from here the term Fruttaio, whereas Ca' Rizzieri is the name of the fruttaio) before being pressed for vinification.

The drying process determines a great concentration of aromas, fragrances and alcohol content (hence the term "Sforzato").

The blend (100% nebbiolo), the vinification technique (pressing of dried grapes) and the experience of the wineries allow to obtain a wine with unique characteristics, usually opposed to each other:

  • freshness, thanks to the acidity proper to nebbiolo
  • finesse, which only Nebbiolo, Pinot Noir and a few other varieties can provide
  • important alcohol content, thanks to the drying process
  • intense color, thanks to the drying and to the more or less long aging in wood.

It is not known with certainty (at least to us at Priwine) the origin of this wine making technique. The most reliable hypothesis are lack of means:

  • in particularly abundant years there were not enough vats and barrels to vinify all the grapes therefore the healthiest grapes were put to dry while waiting for vats and barrels to be freed
  • sharecropping/level contracts: whoever cultivated the vineyard had to pay a percentage of the harvest to the owner of the vineyard. It happened by mistake that a part of the harvest ended up in the attic and was vinified in the silence and darkness of the long winter...
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