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Uncork Cantina Giba

The sea, the sun, the wind and the great skill and passion of this young winery have given life to authentic wines, with character but above all of great quality. Discover Sardinia, uncork Giba!

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6 Mura Rosso - Cantina Giba
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Giba Rosso - Cantina Giba
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6 Mura Bianco - Cantina Giba
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Giba Bianco - Cantina Giba
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Cantina Giba's wines have their roots directly in the sand, in the sea and in Sardinian tradition. Located in the heart of Sulcis, in the south-west of Sardinia, Cantina Giba is a young winery that in few years has become a reference point for Carignano del Sulcis and Vermentino di Sardegna, the only two grapes produced by the winery, both in purity.

Founded in 2002, it was able to win with its 6 Mura Rosso Riserva the 3 bicchieri Gambero Rosso for 7 consecutive years. Vineyards, overlooking the sea, we are not kidding you, benefit of some important factors which allow an optimal cultivation of vines:

  • - vines with free foot thanks to the sandy soil which makes the vines almost unassailable by phylloxera
  • - warm, dry and ventilated climate that minimizes the action of pathogens
  • - Old vines, in some cases up to 110 years old, saved by the wisdom of the peasants to the explantation policies of the sixties and preserved by the intelligence of the current management of the Giba winery

We will not go back again on the importance of health and age of vineyards for the production of good wine, but the fact remains that it is the only way for a winery to ensure high and constant quality levels over time.

You can find all this in Cantina Giba's wines. The Giba Bianco and Giba Rosso are fresher and more immediate, despite their high alcohol by volume, whereas 6 Mura Bianco and 6 Mura Rosso Riserva are more intense and powerful.

  • - 6 Mura Rosso Riserva: Dark ruby red in color, deep and with a powerful and aromatic bouquet of ripe red fruit and spices. Very elegant wine with a full body. To drink alone, calmly in a moment of relaxation.
  • - 6 Mura Bianco: A Vermentino entirely fruit of the warm "terroir" of Sulcis, with intense fruity aromas with light toasted nuances, of excellent flavor that preserves the freshness. After a classic vinification at 16°C it is aged for 6 months on the noble lees, with batonnage at variable frequency. A structured white wine ideal to accompany the whole meal, especially fish, vegetables and white meat dishes.
  • - Giba Rosso: Carignano with a soft and fruity taste, with scents of ripe red fruit and undergrowth, ideal with meat dishes.
  • - Giba Bianco: Vermentino of character, with intense aromas of white fruit and exotic fruits. Full taste that stands out for its freshness and drinkability. Perfect both as an aperitif and at the table with fish dishes.
Cantina Giba
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