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We deliver premium Italian wines from award-winning wineries to private customers in Switzerland. We invite our customers to dedicated wine tasting sessions in Italy, online and Switzerland. We put in touch our customers with our partner wineries in case they like to visit them.

We do that with passion.


Send us a message (at info@priwine.com or via Whatsapp / Telegram) with your order. We'll send you back a proforma invoice with a Paypal link that you can use to pay and conclude your order.

As an alternative, you can use standard add to cart and checkout process.

Shipping and Delivery

Shipment process will be done using carbon neutral Vinolog Service of Post AG. Der Versand ist ab einem Bestellwert von 100 CHF kostenlos und kostet 15 CHF für einen niedrigeren Betrag.

We usually deliver wine in 4 or 5 working days. In some cases, some more days can be required.

Please note that for custom regulations and Italian fiscal rules we need your date and place of birth.

After shipment, you'll receive the tracking code and link.


For obvious commercial reasons, wineries release wines as soon as they have completed the ageing that have to be done by them. Many wines, however, improve a lot with time if stored appropriately and are perfect to drink after 5 or even more years. Given that, we provide our customers with the wine storage service. 

You can buy and pay the wine and keep it in our cellars at a cost of 4 CHF per year per bottle. Select Storage shipping method during checkout to use the storage service. We then ship it to you on-demand, upon the payment for the storage service and shipping costs.


Gift option is free of charge (Priwine packaging are perfect also for gifts). At step 3 of checkout select "That's a gift!"  checkbox, insert your message and set your address as invoice address and the address of the gift recipient as delivery address.

You will receive the invoice by email while the wine will be shipped without invoice. Your message will be printed and enveloped on exclusive Priwine letter card.


Wine is shipped using Priwine boxes of 1 or 3 bottles (standard 0.75l format) or 1/2 bottles (bigger format). Some special formats and editions are shipped using original winery package, e.g. magnum in wooden wine box. Priwine Boxes are ready to gift or to be stored horizontally for perfect storage. A maximum of 5 cartons can be stacked on top of each other.

Each bottle is provided with a label indicating the type (red, white, sparkling, dessert), name, winery and vintage. You can put the label outside of the box (if you directly store the box) or on the bottleneck (if you store the bottles in a wine rack) in such a way you can easily find the wine you are looking for without opening the box or extracting the bottle from the rack.


Wine is sensitive to exposure to sunlight and changes in temperature and/or humidity. That's why we take a lot of care in the whole shipping, storage and packaging process:

  • - purchase and direct shipment from the wineries to our warehouse;
  • - storage in the original producer boxes in dark cells at a controlled temperature of 13 centigrade degrees (with small variations in 12-14 centigrade degrees range) and 70% humidity (with moderate variations in the range 60-80%);
  • - shipping from our warehouse to the courier for final delivery.

Wine is stored and shipped horizontally.

We strongly suggest you to take the same care if you like to age the wine within your cellar. If you do not have the conditions for perfect ageing, we can provide you with the banking service (see above).

Return and Refund

We like to solve problems, not to create them. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you face problems with an order and or with one of our wines. Return and refund are always free of charge.

If, for whatever reason:

  • - you should receive a damaged bottle and/or package,
  • - the products shouldn't meet your expectations

just send your a refund request by email at info@priwine.com along with a brief explanation. As an alternative, go to order details in your account and select the product(s) you like to return and send us a message via the order details form.

We will send you by email a pre-compiled and prepaid post label to be used to send back the products to us. Print and attach it on the original package and then bring it to the nearest post office. You will be refunded in full.

Bad Tasting Wine

We trust our wines and our storage processes. We are sure you store the wine with the same care. Despite that, as a matter of life, you can pick up a bad tasting wine.

In this case, just send us an email, we will refund you for this unpleasant inconvenience.

If you easily find it, please include in the email the production batch (of both wine and cork if any) such that we might prevent future inconveniences of the like (e.g. a set of bad corks).

Why wine picture does not fit with wine features?

All pictures shown are for illustration purpose only. Actual product features (vintage, alcohol, bottle size) are the ones listed on the product page.

Why my package seems to have been tampered with?

During customs processes it can happen that the customs require to open the package which is consequently  closed again.

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